Our Foster Shandy

Meet Shandy!
Shandy is a sweet and talented girl who loves her humans! She has Canine Discoid Lupus which can be treated with medication when she has flare ups. It mainly effects her nose which will begin to scab over when her condition begins to worsen. Due to her condition sunblock is a must even for short periods of time in the sun. She also has a condition called facial muscle atrophy. At this time it is not causing her any discomfort, pain or problems.
Shandy is a playful little gal and athletic as well. This girl can clear a babygate with no problem and will do so in a heartbeat to get to her beloved humans. Her other talent is catching Cheerios and other small bits of food in her mouth when tossed to her.
Shandy is friendly to kids, small and large dogs, and cats. She is a social butterfly and often takes center stage when around groups of people.
She loves to burrow like most IGs but blankets are not always enough for this little gal. She likes to burrow under stacks of pillows and even burrow under the pillow top mattress pad on the bed so it is suggested that you always preform an "iggy check" before sitting down or laying down on piles of pillows and blankets or before climbing into bed.
For more information about IGCA Rescue of Texas and how to ADOPT this amazing girl click HERE! or email me at skittleiggyluv@yahoo.com