Pet Adoption

With up to 4 million homeless dogs and cats being put to sleep in the United States each year there is absolutely NO reason to buy a pet. Whether you are looking for a mutt or a pure breed, an alley cat or one who is pedigreed, you can find one for adoption. There is a rescue group for just about every breed of dog and cat on the planet. There are even rescue groups for parrots, snakes, ferrets, pigs, rabbits, and horses; you name it!

If you are looking to adopt a great place to start is Petfinder. A large percentage of rescue groups and shelters post on Petfinder. The website offers a simple way to search for your new family member by allowing you to easily narrow your search by breed, age, sex, size and proximity of the animal to you. Petfinder also has a wealth of information to help you choose your pet, help you prepare for adoption, and how to care for the pet after adoption.

Another option is to simply use a search engine such as Google and simply search for the type of rescue group you are looking for. For example you could search “Italian Greyhound Rescue Texas” and the search engine will give you a great list of rescue groups. This is exactly how we found the Italian Greyhound rescue group we work with now and the Greyhound Pets of America Rescue group we worked with before.

Please do not forget about your local shelters! There are a ton of amazing animals there needing homes. Even for those who are looking for pure breeds or pets other than dogs and cats your local shelters can be a great place to look. I have seen everything from rats and ferrets to chickens and pigs up for adoption at local shelters.

Happy Adopting!

This was our sweet girl Sophie who was adopted from the Lake Whitney Humane Society. She was the best dog in the world. We were so blessed to have her. We had her for 8 years before she passed away.
This is our Greyhound, Buddy. He was adopted from the Humane Society of North Texas. He is an amazing dog and a testament to the fact that purebread dogs can be found at you local shelters.