Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Too Much Going On

I am at the hospital with my mother in law. My stress level is extremely high. The Hubby is exhausted with working overtime and coming to the hospital after work. I worry about him. Our relationship with his family has always been shaky so these times add extra stress. His mother is not well and is currently living with The Hubby's grandparents, which is not a good situtation becasue both The Hubby's mom and grandfather require constant care by his grandmother. I don't know what we are going to do, but something has to be done. His grandmother is taking care of both of them and she doesn't need to keep doing so. Moving his mother in with us is not the answer because I am not stable enough to take care of anyone and I would be the one taking care of her because The Hubby is the major bread winner in the home. Plus, I think she needs professional care. She is too sick for non medical personell to be taking care of her.
I had my first therapy session with my new therapist today. It went well and I really like her. Things got off to a rough start because the office was in chaos when I arrived because someone didn't show up for work. The therapist was late getting to me because she didn't even know I was there. I was getting anxious while waiting and almost left but I stayed and I am glad I did. There was quite a bit of internal struggle about going at all because I have had maybe 6 hours sleep in the past 3 nights due to The Hubby's family being at our house and his mother being in the hospital so I almost blew the appointment off in leiu of sleep. I was proud of myself for reasoning myself into going because I realized I wouldn't actually sleep if I blew the appointment off so I made myself go. I must admit though that I didn't get a shower in and my hair is unbrushed and in a pony tail. I pray that I don't look or smell offensive.
A leave of absence from work may be in my future because I feel myself spiraling downhill. I don't have much vacation and sick time at work but I do have FMLA and short term disability, but I don't know what that covers. Trying to go through the channels of finding out overwhelms me, which is probably another sign that I need to do it. Sadly, I haven't even had a chance to talk with The Hubby about this yet. He is always supportive, so I am not worried about that, I just don't want to stress him out more. Of course pushing myself until I am back in the hospital again would certainly stress him out, so maybe a leave of absence would be best for all. I just hate doing it. The other issue is that my boss would end up finding out that I am crazy. I know there are laws and stuff but it will be obvious when my paper work comes from a psychiatrist. I dread them finding out. Honestly, I know my boss would be understanding but still...

Tiny Giraffe Kisses To Everyone!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Homeless Gentelman and His Dog

The Hubby and I were on our way home from dinner last night when I spotted a homeless gentleman and his dog walking on the side of the highway. There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, that gets to me more than a homeless person and their dog. Due to the fact that we are involved in dog rescue we usually have dog food in our car at all times. Thankfully, last night was no exception. As with all of my attempt at good deeds lately, I came very close to screwing this one up as well. When we first spotted the gentleman and his dog they were on the opposite side of the highway so I had to exit the highway and turn around. By the time we got back to where we saw him they had disappeared. After a few minutes of looking and going up and down the highway we were able to find him. The Hubby was kind enough to get out and give the food to the gentleman while I stayed in the car for safety reasons. People are notorious for going 80 miles an hour down that stretch of highway and my door was to the side of traffic. I watched as The Hubby greeted the gentleman and his dog. Both were kind and excited to meet The Hubby. The sweet doggy jumped up and said hello and The Hubby gave him some petting and loving. The gentleman shook The Hubby’s hand and thanked him for the food and the measly $8 we had in cash. I am sad that there are no shelters in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for homeless people and their pets. This made me wonder if there were any shelters at all like that in the country. Oddly enough when we got home I was watching Pit Boss on Animal Planet and the show was about that exact subject. The Pit Bull rescue was doing a blanket drive for a shelter that specifically shelters those who are homeless and have pets. This of course was in Los Angeles, but it made me feel a tiny bit better that somewhere there is a place for these amazing folks who have so little and chose to share what little they have with a dog who is most likely their only companion in life, and possibly the only live being who gives them unconditional love, friendship, joy, comfort, and respect.

Tiny Giraffe Kisses To Everyone!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Just Because I Don't Believe In The Bible

Just because I don’t believe in the Bible or in God doesn’t mean I am a bad person or that I have no morals. I don’t believe in murder, I hate to see others hurt or in pain, I try to treat others as I would like to be treated, I am faithful to my husband, I do my best to help those in need and have even made it my life’s work…I just don’t need a deity or a holy book to tell me I have to do all of those things. I choose to do them on my own. I also don’t need the threat of hell, horrific afterlives, or bad karma to make me “do the right thing”. This is a choice I make on my own without coercion or threat from religion and other organized belief systems. Am I perfect? Not by a long shot. Is my imperfection due to a lack of religion? No, it’s due to being human.

Tiny Giraffe Kisses To Everyone!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Not Much Better

I got some really good sleep last night so that has helped my mental stability a little bit but not a lot. At least it is some improvement. Of course, I am off of work today so that means I have skirted my responsibilities and am not fully functioning.

My husband got the carpet pulled up in our bedroom and painted the floor. While this is something that we have wanted to do for years now it means our house is in disarray, even more so than normal. This has me highly stressed out. The bed is in the living room, the dresser in the master bathroom, the night stands are in the hallway, the clothes are in the dinning room. I am about to lose my mind. My aunt has done so much to help us get the house in order and now it feels like the house is back to where we started. I pray that once the bedroom gets put back together and I no longer have bedroom furniture strewn all over the house I will start to feel better.

I also saw my psychiatrist yesterday and she raised my antidepressant dosage. Next week I will also start therapy again. It worries me a little because it is one other thing on my plate. Obviously, it is completely necessary so I will have to make it work.

Tonight I am meeting with a lady who is interested in adopting Shandy. I really need this to work out. She is impossible around Kya and it is not fair to Kya. We also really need a break. Having 6 dogs in the house is completely overwhelming. I feel so guilty for taking a break, but I am close to falling apart.

Tiny Giraffe Kisses To Everyone!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Falling Apart

Well Kya went to the vet today. I wanted her to have a check up because she has been having chronic diarrhea for the past month. The lady that we got her from had her on Albon and some probiotics with only minimal results. We were informed by the vet that chronic diarrhea in cats is the hardest thing to diagnose and treat. I find this a bit overwhelming and it breaks my heart for our little Kya. A fecal exam was done and was negative but he gave her a dewormer anyway because he was not able to get a whole lot for the fecal exam and he said that sometimes there can be bad stuff in the upper GI tract that doesn’t show up in the fecal. The vet also prescribed and anti diarrhea medication (Pro-Pectalin Gel), a prescription diet for sensitive stomachs (EN Purina). I pray this gives us some results.

One of our foster dogs, Shandy, is about to drive me crazy as well. She just won’t give Kya a minutes rest. We have been in the process of getting her adopted but it won’t happen overnight and it’s never a guarantee that the adoption won’t fall through at the last minute. It’s not as simple as moving her to another foster home either because the group is low on foster homes. We are unsure of the best way to handle the situation because this is the only dog in the house that can jump a baby gate so that doesn't help to keep Shandy contained. Shandy means no harm at all. She just wants to play but that doesn’t make Kya feel any better. Kya was around dogs her whole life, but Shandy is a little over bearing. There is an extra bedroom in our house that is vacant and we have turned it into Kya’s Room, but I don’t want her separated from me at all. Keeping the foster sequestered is hard because she barks incessantly and it stresses both Kya and me out. I am trying to find comfort in the fact that this situation is not going to last forever because Shandy will be adopted eventually, but I am impatient and want Kya to be able to get used to her new home.

This leads me into another issue. We have made the hard decision to quit fostering for a little while once these two fosters have been adopted or moved. This isn’t a permanent change and we will continue to do transport and other volunteer work, but our pack needs a break and I need a break. We tried to take a break earlier this year but the guilt got to me and I gave in and ended up with two fosters. I am hoping I can stick to the plan better this time.

My mental health feels like it is faltering. My stress level is through the roof, focus is non existent, and I am starting to not function well. I called in sick to work today and already called in for tomorrow too. I feel like I am starting to fall apart. I hate this. With my aunt’s help I am finally getting my house in order but I am starting to fall apart in every other way. That is always my problem. I can’t seem to get more than one thing in order at a time. These are the times I begin to hate myself.

Tiny Giraffe Kisses To Everyone!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

More Kya Pics!

Kya is doing well. She slept under the covers last night all warm and toasty. Isn't she beautiful!?

Tiny Giraffe Kisses To Everyone!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Introducing Kya!!!!!!!!

Introducing Princess Kya! Kya is a 5 year old Sphynx. Recently Kya’s family fell apart leaving her and her Sphynx brothers and sisters in need of a new family. Thankfully her owner, who had showed and bred her for many years, turned her over to another breeder who agreed to find them good and loving homes. My hubby and I got lucky enough to hear about Kya (Thank you Laura and Brandon) and went and met her today and instantly fell in love. We are so thankful for Rhonda (the breeder that agreed to find the orphaned cats homes) and her efforts to make sure these babies found homes.

Kya has been having some tummy troubles lately so she will be at the vet first thing Monday morning. Rhonda has been working hard to try and get this cleared up and it has gotten better, but we all feel that another vet visit is called for. Plus, she still needs to be spayed. There will be no more breeding for this precious girl! Her working days are over!

For those that are not familiar with the Sphynx breed, they are indeed hairless. Many people think they look funny or ugly, but my hubby and I happen to think they are very unique, exotic, and beautiful. So if you happen to think she is ugly or weird looking kindly keep your opinion to yourself. Sphynx kitties are also VERY loving and loyal and have amazing personalities. They are highly intelligent and easier to train than other breeds. Another great quality is that they are a hearty breed without a whole lot of health problems that sometimes plague other breeds.

Here are a few professional pictures that were taken at one of the many cat shows she has done. Rhonda was kind enough to pass these along to me. I will add some more pictures soon.

Tiny Giraffe Kisses To Everyone!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Evil Women From Work!

This won’t be the nicest or most sensitive of posts that I will ever write. Please forgive me for that; I just happen to be really pissed off at the moment. I am so sick of some of these bitches that I work with. The funny thing about the situation is that the two of the worst ones are the “Christians” who are always talking about what wonderful “Christians” they are and then turn around and stab people in the back and say the UGLIEST things about people. Seriously, in less than one minute they will go from praising God for some random and stupid event (like finding a file that they had misplaced) to badmouthing their coworkers for any number of reasons.

For those who follow me on Facebook some of this will be a rehash of events over the past few weeks but I feel like I need to tell the whole story in order to really be able to let go.

One of the women that I am referring to was a “best friend”. I will refer to her as Y. She is a single mom with 4 wonderful kids. Due to the fact that she is a single mom (and that she is manipulative beyond belief) my husband and I began to help her out when we could. We spent about $1,000 on them at Christmas, buying the children a Nintendo Wii and her a Coach bag. Then the oldest made the drill team at school which was $800. Due to the fact that Y is a single mom with four kids she could not afford to pay that kind of money for extracurricular activities, my husband and I paid for that because Y’s daughter is a great kid and does well in school. Plus, I am a firm believer that the more involved kids are in extracurricular activities at school the less trouble they will get into.

Things started to go down hill with Y during this time. I guess part of the reason is that I was starting to spend more time with her and see who she really was. Being at her house was becoming increasingly uncomfortable for me because of the way she would yell and scream at the children, even with me present. Then she constantly griped to me about what a problem the oldest child was and how horrible she was. When I would ask Y about what was going on, Y would say that the oldest was just disrespectful and talked back to her all of the time. This just didn’t seem to be a good enough reason to bad mouth your own daughter in the way that Y did. She then started to threaten to take the oldest out of drill team even after my husband and I had paid so much money for her to be in it. This became a weekly drama, kind of like an on again off again relationship. The drama was just never ending. Again, the only reason behind Y wanting to take the oldest off of the drill team was because she was being disrespectful. She wasn’t failing school, sneaking out, getting in trouble at school, stealing, or getting in trouble with the law. I tried my best to remind myself that these were Y’s kids and she has the right to raise them the way she wants, but we had talked about this with her before we paid all of the money for the oldest to be on drill team. We had told Y that this was a big commitment for us and we didn’t want her to take the oldest off of drill team as punishment (unless it was for failing school, which the school would kick her off the team automatically) and she agreed.

Next came the parent meetings and fundraisers that Y expected me to do. Really? I just forked over $800 but she can’t go to a parent meeting or do the fundraisers (which simply include selling concessions at football games and dance shows). I finally told her this last weekend that I would not be doing the meetings and fundraisers and that I felt her expectations of me doing so were overwhelming.

The last straw was when she had made a comment about the kid’s cell phones being turned off because the bill was due. She made the comment that she couldn’t pay it. My hubby and I talked about it and decided to pay it for her. This was met with a phone call from Y in which she cussed me out, yelled at me and told me that I would be reversing the payment immediately. I even took off work the next day to take care of getting the payment reversed. When I went back to work the day after that she accused me of lying to her about getting the payment reversed. Thankfully, I had the receipt from the payment reversal with me and went down to my car to get it. She then chewed me out AGAIN because I was angry with her for accusing me of lying. Sadly, it took me a while to realize that I don’t deserve to be treated this way at all!

Two weeks ago things really came to a head at work. Two of my other coworkers finally broke thier silence and we all began to compare notes and what do you know? She is a manipulative, back stabbing, bad mouthing, lying Bitch! She had told my coworkers that the day things went down about the phone bill she was reprimanding me because I was disrespectful to our boss! That is soooooo laughable for anyone who truly knows me. Plus, Y has no right to reprimand me in any way, shape or form since she is below me on the totem poll at work (I don’t like looking at things like that because I think what we all do is important, I don’t care if you are the janitor or CEO, but I am angry and trying to make a point so please forgive). She was also telling people that I am always sneaking food at my desk and that my drawers at work are full of food that I sneak through out the day. All of this is really funny since I don’t keep ANY food at my desk and I don’t ever sneak around and eat. She knew this would hurt me though because she knows I am self conscious about my weight. Though she shouldn’t be talking because she isn’t thin either and hides food from her kids and sneaks around eating it so she doesn’t have to share with them.

The things she said about my coworkers were unforgivable though. Y was spreading rumors about one coworker (I will call her A) saying that the A’s husband was sleeping with someone else and even had a love child with that woman. I was shocked to hear this because there appeared to be nothing amiss with A. Y continued to bad mouth that coworker saying that A was fake and was just trying to save face because A thought she was better than everybody else. Come to find out it wasn’t A’s husband that had been cheating it was Y’s husband who had cheated on her and had a baby with another woman.

Everything kind of blew up this past Friday. I wasn’t at work because my cousin had come into town. I had not seen her in 20 years and she was coming to see her sister (my other cousin Gwen) due to her recent cervical cancer diagnosis. Anyway, Y proceeded to call me 9 times, text me 3 times and PM me once through Facebook. Can we say psycho? She said she didn’t understand why I didn’t want to be her friend anymore and that she didn’t have time to talk about anyone behind their back because she was dealing with breast cancer. Now, to be honest, none of us at work really believe her about having breast cancer. Even if it is true, I am still not going to be your friend out of pity. Just because you have cancer doesn’t mean you get to treat me like shit and I have to take it. Plus she needs to learn the right way to treat people. Besides, if you’re an island you don’t go around burning bridges!

It’s sad though because I really think Y is just miserable and jealous. She resents her oldest daughter because she had her at such a young age. She resents the fact that A and I both have good men who love us. She resents my other coworker because she is single and not tied down by 4 children. She resents me and my hubby because we are able to spoil ourselves because we don’t have the financial responsibility of 4 children.

Now Y is all chummy with the other “Christian” at work (I will call her Q), who she used to bad mouth all of the time for being a fake Christian. Such a sick mess of people really. I am so tired of it. It is to the point now that I just want to vomit every time I see their face or hear their voice. Now I just ignore them to the best of my ability. Sometimes it is hard though.

One of my coworkers told me today that Q was talking to Y the other day and badmouthing me because I took all of the pics I had of Y’s kids down from my cubicle. Q said something snide about the fact that I have more pics of dogs up in my cubicle than I do of people. Yep, I do, and both Y and Q are the reasons I sometimes prefer dogs over people. Seriously, who would you rather spend your time with, Y and Q or my sweet Skittle, Budddy, Tuggy or Jazzy? Hell, I would rather spend time with a rabid dog than Y and Q!

Tiny Giraffe Kisses To Everyone!

So Far So Good

Well today has been going well so far. Another day of productivity at work and the day isn't even over yet. I am still experiencing a bit of a sore throat and a cough but it's getting better, not worse. Both will probably be gone by tomorrow.
It may seem pessimistic to say this, but I wish I could know how long this good phase will last before I crash and burn. When you have BPD it is inevitable that you will crash and burn as some point no matter how good you have been doing and how long you have been doing good. The most irritating part is you have no idea when that will be and how much “sanity” you have left until all reason, energy and mental wellness drains out of you. Sometimes it is a slow trickle and I feel sanity leaving a small bit at a time and I have time to prepare or prevent, but other times it’s like a dam breaks and the stability and rationality rushes out as the darkness, loneliness and insanity floods me without warning. It’s kind of like hurricanes and tornadoes. Sometimes I get warnings like you do with a hurricane, days in advance with plenty of time for preparations. Other times are like tornadoes, with only minutes or seconds of warning and I have no time to get to a stable structure. For now I will try and enjoy the good times. I sure hope they last.

Tiny Giraffe Kisses To Everyone!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Good Day - Balanced

It was an amazingly balanced and good day. For the first time in weeks I was productive at work. Then, I got some errands done on my way home. Once home I mopped my kitchen floor and cleaned up piddle on the living room floor. I sure hope this lasts! I wish I could bottle this and save it for those bad days that come and hit me like a bus. It's crazy when I compare where I am today to where I was just a week ago! I HATE BPD! I just want to be stable, to know that I can count on how I am going to function from one day to the next.

Tiny Giraffe Kisses To Everyone!

Monday, September 13, 2010

I Love My Aunt Lynn

Not a lot of time for blogging this past week. My Aunt and I are cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. My house will be in order by November. After we clean we are going to redo the floors and paint! I can’t wait. For some odd reason my Aunt LOVES this stuff and had a major talent for it as well. That gene passed me by while I was in the womb. My Aunt is a lifesaver and a Saint. There are not words to thank her for what she is doing for me.
Tiny Giraffe Kisses To Everyone!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tiny Giraffes, They Do Exist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riggin, the Italian Greyhound, incognito as a TINY GIRAFFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Riggin is the one of our IGCA volunteer's furbabies.

Tiny Giraffe Kisses To Everyone ESPECIALLY TO RIGGIN!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Idiocy Continues

The idiocy continues. Terry Jones, the whack job of a pastor in Florida who is going to have a Koran burning party on 9/11/2010, is now whining that his constitutional rights to free speech are being denied because the ISP pulled the plug on his hate spewing and fear mongering websites. Has he been taking lessons in constitutional law from Dr. Laura? The First Amendment does not give you an inalienable right to a website, talk show, fan base, or book deal. Freedom of speech just means you have the right to say what you want, not that people have to listen to or like what you say.

The other idiotic part of the whole thing, which I touched on yesterday, is that he is burning these Korans in response to the radicals of Islam. Well in that case I will be having a Bible burning in protest of Terry Jones and Fred Phelps.

Tiny Giraffe Kisses To Everyone!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blah, Blah, Blah

I think I will just ramble tonight. I have a lot on my mind.

Borderline Personality Disorder is still on my mind. I am still convinced that this may be what is wrong with me. Now the question is what do I do about it? Should I even bring it up with my psychiatrist? Is it going to change how she treats me? Will she even agree? Does it even matter?

My Aunt came over Monday and began helping me get my house clean and in order. There are not words for how much I appreciate this. I have been too embarrassed to ask for help for a very long time. Plus, I am not all that fond of having strangers around my dogs. My Aunt is wonderful and so nonjudgmental and loves my doggies! She even wants to help me paint and decorate! That would be doubly amazing because she has a real talent for that kind of thing and I have an amazing LACK of talent for that kind of thing.

Work is crazy. I can’t focus for the life of me and haven’t gotten a damn thing done in almost a month. The girl who was once my best friend has managed to stab almost everyone in the back and no one in my unit at work is talking to her. I am still working on my lessons for this whole situation. Oddly enough I am not near as hurt as I thought I would be. Honestly, I am more disgusted by the whole thing and I feel a bit sorry for her because it is clear that she is miserable in her life and just jealous of what we all have.

This whole Islam-hate issue is still baffling to me. Seriously, a Koran burning? Grow the fuck up. You can’t burn the holy book of an entire religion and say you are only doing it in protest of the radicals of that that religion. It would be like burning the Bible because of Fred Phelps.

There was some interesting breaking news this week. Stephen Hawkins said God did not create the universe. In other news, Sarah Palin is still an idiot and embarrassment to human kind.

Tiny Giraffe Kisses To Everyone!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Where's Waldo and Attempts at Grand Theft Auto

Can any two people be more inept at doing a good deed?

It started on Friday night when my Aunt Lynn and I were approached by a guy who needed about $14 to help him get to his mom who was in the hospital. We told the guy that we didn’t have any cash on us (which was true) but we told him we would see what we could do. He thanked us and went over to sit on the curb. My Aunt and I sat in her car for a while trying to decide what to do. We finally decided to run to the grocery store up the road and get $20 for the guy. Here comes the problem. We forgot to let the guy in on our plan so by the time we get back he was gone. Giving up is not an option, so we drive around the area for a while hoping to spot him. I have always been good at Where’s Waldo so this should be easy, right? Wrong. No luck at all. I sure hope that guy is ok, and if he was truly in need of help someone came to his rescue. That is, someone more competent than my Aunt and me.

So then on Saturday we get our 2nd chance at a good deed. We find a set of keys in the parking lot at the Southlake Town Square. The likelihood of actually finding the person is nil, but the car key is one with the remote key fob attached to the key. This should be simple right? Just drive around and press the buttons on the fob until we hear the car. Wrong again. Either the car is already gone or the key fob is dead. Our next bright idea? We notice the symbol on the key is for a Toyota so we drive around and find the Toyotas in the parking lot and try the key and see if it opens the door. I think this might qualify as Breaking and Entering or attempts at Grand Theft Auto in some places, but damn it we are going to complete at least one good deed this weekend. Again we fail. There a lot of blasted Toyotas out there! Our last ditch effort is to call the customer service number for the frequent buyer card that is on the key chain. The customer service rep was less than helpful. At this point it has been an hour and it is nearing midnight. The last of the shoppers are starting to come to their cars. We decide to follow those folks who are nearing a Toyota to see if they look distressed from having lost their keys. Ummmmm…does that qualify as stalking? Finally, we give up and go in search of a security guard and turn the keys over to him. I sure hope there wasn’t some poor young college girl leaving her waitressing job at 1:00 AM standing alone in a parking lot frantically trying to find her keys, or having to spend that night’s tips on a locksmith.

We tried, we really did. Neither of us will give up on good deeds, we just hope we get better at them!

Tiny Giraffe Kisses To Everyone, Especially To The Dude In The OTB Parking Lot And The Girl Who Lost Her Keys!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I am Drunk, The Hubby is Overwhelmed but I Have the Best Aunt in the World.

I have had a bottle and a half of wine and I am not sure if I am ready to stop yet. I am also not really sure if I am ready to get better either. I have been looking into Dialectical Behavior Therapy and it seems so overwhelming and not at all in line with who I am. But isn’t that the problem? Who I am is sick, messed up, and not working. Ugh! I am so sick of being fucked up. Currently, I am too drunk to describe Dialectical Behavior Therapy, but suffice it to say it is the best therapy to help those with Borderline Personality Disorder, which is the disorder I am currently convinced that I have, and it is about practicing everything I suck at. Was that a run on sentence?

My hubby is overwhelmed. SHOCK! How has he lived with me this long and not become overwhelmed to the point of jumping off a cliff? Poor guy. He doesn’t deserve the tornado-like mess that I am. Truly, he deserves so much better. I drive my own self crazy, how have I not drove him crazy long before now. I don’t think that using “drove” was correct grammar. Haven’t I started too many sentences with “I”? Isn’t that boring and selfish?

I am currently trying to read The Buddha and the Borderline. So far I feel like and idiot and an imbecile, but I am going to keep reading it and trying. I have got to figure out a way to be less crazy and get better. There I go again, starting all of my sentences with “I”. If possible and appropriate I will try and blog about what I learn, but I make no promises.

For this moment I am enjoying the feeling of being drunk.

It occurred to me that I put in the title that I have the Best Aunt in the World, which is true, but in this drunken state I don’t think I can do her justice so I shall write more about that once I am sober.

Tiny Giraffe Kisses To Everyone!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fox News and Thier Connection To the "Ground Zero Mosque"

The second largest holder of voting stock in News Corp (The Fox News parent company) is, drum roll please, none other than Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal. This is one of the Saudi King’s nephews and, most interestingly, a philanthropist who has given generous amounts of money to the man behind the “Ground Zero Mosque” or what should properly be called Park 51. This is very interesting since Fox News is one of the leading voices in opposition to Park 51 and instrumental in spreading lies and misinformation regarding the project, which is not a mosque and not at Ground Zero. This doesn’t surprise me really because I have never really thought that Fox News was interested in having anything to do with the truth, so why would they be transparent and let everyone know that they have no problem taking money from someone in support of Feisal Abdul Rauf and his project even as they (Fox News) spew hatred and lies regarding Islam and Park 51.

Now that brings me to the question of why Al-Waleed bin Talal would continue to support such fear mongering and hate invoking “reporting”?

It seems to me the answer is probably simple, money.

You can read more about the issue on NPR.org.

Tiny Giraffe Kisses To Everyone!


One thing that I believe is that every bad circumstance we find ourselves in has a lesson to teach us. With that said, I am trying to figure out what lesson I am meant to learn from the situation I spoke about earlier regarding my coworker. This can be hard because often times the lessons we have to learn are not always easy to swallow. Sometimes we learn things about ourselves that we didn’t really want to know. At this particular moment I am unsure what the lesson of this circumstance is, but I am willing and determined to figure out what it is. No matter how hard the lesson may be to swallow at least it will turn this bad situation into something positive, because if you have learned something from a bad experience then you have turned it into something positive. There is nothing better and more important than knowledge.

This is the first time I have made a pointed effort to learn whatever lesson I feel the universe is trying to teach me, so I am really unsure of how to advance the process. Usually, I give little thought to it and simply wait for something to suddenly dawn on me, but I realize that is the lazy way of going about learning anything.

In order to proceed in the process I guess I could start by asking myself what I could have done differently. There are always many things that one can find in hindsight that should not have been done or should have been done in a different way. My first mistake is one I now realize I often make; I quickly become overly involved with friends. Things in this situation seemed to have happened overnight leaving me startled awake the next morning and groggy throughout the next day then blinded by the sun of truth. It’s not clear to me yet, why I jumped into this situation so fast.

Another thing that has struck me is that I have a bit of a need to “save people”. Whether it is for selfish or unselfish reasons I am unsure. I suspect it is probably for both. Part of it also stems from the fear and belief I have that I am completely unlovable and worthless, so if anyone is ever going to have anything to do with me I am going to have to “be the hero” and “save them” or “buy their love”.

One thing that I did figure out today is that not caring or at least pretending not to care is going to be the best way to handle the situation. Simply shutting down on this person seems to be bothering her more that if I had gotten all upset and in her face, plus it’s simply the more mature way to act.

I plan to continue learning as many lessons as this situation will teach me. That seems the best way to turn this negative situation into a positive one.

Tiny Giraffe Kisses To Everyone!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Scarcely Functioning, Hurt and Angry

I am not sure what is going on but I am barely hanging on. Last night and the night before did not prove to be restful in the least. My mind has been cloudy lately and today is really bad. Irritability is at an all time high as well. Productivity is low. I am accomplishing almost nothing at work which is especially irritating because I had a few months that were really good and got caught up, and even a bit ahead on things, but now I am behind and completely lost and overwhelmed. There’s not even enough concentration or focus for me to read, which is really scary. Currently I have about 5 books that I am dying to read but I can’t even get through a few pages.

Then, this afternoon I find out that this woman that I WAS “friends” with at work has been saying some of the ugliest things behind my back, and even lied and said that I was saying bad things about the boss and being disrespectful to the boss. This is all after my hubby and I spent well over $800 for her daughter to be on the drill team, at least $500 for their Christmas, and even more $ on random items for the kids. I even gave her a Coach purse (yes a real one)! What is worse is that she is still expecting me to do the fundraising so that when her daughter’s drill team goes to competition later in the year she won’t have to pay for the trip. If the parents (or in this case the unlucky folks who have been taken advantage of) do the fundraisers then they don’t have to pay for the trip.

So let me get this straight. We pay for your daughter to be on drill team but you can’t even get off of your butt and work concessions at 5 football games so that your daughter can go to competition?

Then there’s the time I paid a cell phone bill for her and she proceeded to yell, scream and cuss at me for not asking her about it first. I realize that I should have asked her, but I did NOT deserve to be talked to the way she talked to me. I even took off of work the next day to go and get the money refunded and then she accused me of not doing “what she told me to do”. Newsflash, I am not one of her children. You don’t get to tell me what to do or boss me around.

I am so hurt and angry about this, and I feel so used. How can people be so mean and heartless? I have done nothing but try and help her and help her kids. To make things even worse is her cubicle is right next to mine so I am almost forced to interact with her daily. It makes me sick. At least I am not the only one she has been screwing over. I found out that she has been taking advantage of the other girls at work and stabbing them in the back as well, so I am trying not to take it personally. Plus, she has admitted to hearing voices and has said several times that other members in her family have been diagnosed with Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder, so I am also going to chalk a lot of it up to mental instability.

Something has got to give. I am tired, hurt and falling apart.

Tiny Giraffe Kisses To Everyone!