Monday, September 6, 2010

Where's Waldo and Attempts at Grand Theft Auto

Can any two people be more inept at doing a good deed?

It started on Friday night when my Aunt Lynn and I were approached by a guy who needed about $14 to help him get to his mom who was in the hospital. We told the guy that we didn’t have any cash on us (which was true) but we told him we would see what we could do. He thanked us and went over to sit on the curb. My Aunt and I sat in her car for a while trying to decide what to do. We finally decided to run to the grocery store up the road and get $20 for the guy. Here comes the problem. We forgot to let the guy in on our plan so by the time we get back he was gone. Giving up is not an option, so we drive around the area for a while hoping to spot him. I have always been good at Where’s Waldo so this should be easy, right? Wrong. No luck at all. I sure hope that guy is ok, and if he was truly in need of help someone came to his rescue. That is, someone more competent than my Aunt and me.

So then on Saturday we get our 2nd chance at a good deed. We find a set of keys in the parking lot at the Southlake Town Square. The likelihood of actually finding the person is nil, but the car key is one with the remote key fob attached to the key. This should be simple right? Just drive around and press the buttons on the fob until we hear the car. Wrong again. Either the car is already gone or the key fob is dead. Our next bright idea? We notice the symbol on the key is for a Toyota so we drive around and find the Toyotas in the parking lot and try the key and see if it opens the door. I think this might qualify as Breaking and Entering or attempts at Grand Theft Auto in some places, but damn it we are going to complete at least one good deed this weekend. Again we fail. There a lot of blasted Toyotas out there! Our last ditch effort is to call the customer service number for the frequent buyer card that is on the key chain. The customer service rep was less than helpful. At this point it has been an hour and it is nearing midnight. The last of the shoppers are starting to come to their cars. We decide to follow those folks who are nearing a Toyota to see if they look distressed from having lost their keys. Ummmmm…does that qualify as stalking? Finally, we give up and go in search of a security guard and turn the keys over to him. I sure hope there wasn’t some poor young college girl leaving her waitressing job at 1:00 AM standing alone in a parking lot frantically trying to find her keys, or having to spend that night’s tips on a locksmith.

We tried, we really did. Neither of us will give up on good deeds, we just hope we get better at them!

Tiny Giraffe Kisses To Everyone, Especially To The Dude In The OTB Parking Lot And The Girl Who Lost Her Keys!

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