Saturday, September 18, 2010

Introducing Kya!!!!!!!!

Introducing Princess Kya! Kya is a 5 year old Sphynx. Recently Kya’s family fell apart leaving her and her Sphynx brothers and sisters in need of a new family. Thankfully her owner, who had showed and bred her for many years, turned her over to another breeder who agreed to find them good and loving homes. My hubby and I got lucky enough to hear about Kya (Thank you Laura and Brandon) and went and met her today and instantly fell in love. We are so thankful for Rhonda (the breeder that agreed to find the orphaned cats homes) and her efforts to make sure these babies found homes.

Kya has been having some tummy troubles lately so she will be at the vet first thing Monday morning. Rhonda has been working hard to try and get this cleared up and it has gotten better, but we all feel that another vet visit is called for. Plus, she still needs to be spayed. There will be no more breeding for this precious girl! Her working days are over!

For those that are not familiar with the Sphynx breed, they are indeed hairless. Many people think they look funny or ugly, but my hubby and I happen to think they are very unique, exotic, and beautiful. So if you happen to think she is ugly or weird looking kindly keep your opinion to yourself. Sphynx kitties are also VERY loving and loyal and have amazing personalities. They are highly intelligent and easier to train than other breeds. Another great quality is that they are a hearty breed without a whole lot of health problems that sometimes plague other breeds.

Here are a few professional pictures that were taken at one of the many cat shows she has done. Rhonda was kind enough to pass these along to me. I will add some more pictures soon.

Tiny Giraffe Kisses To Everyone!


  1. I love the second photo, she's gorgeous. Looks a little siamese-like!