Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another Wonderful Friday (Doctor Visit, Dinner and Movie with My Aunt)

My doctor's appointment went very well. She changed my meds without giving me any trouble. Now we wait and see how it works.
Tonight I went to dinner with my Cousin and Aunt. We had a good time talking and catching up. After dinner we did a bit of shopping and then my Cousin needed to get home to the kids (and to bed, she is less than 2 weeks post-op). After getting my Cousin home, my Aunt and I went to see Eat, Pray, Love. It was really good. I immediately bought the book once we left the movie theater (Hooray for the iPad!). I can't wait to read it. Since it is a story about personal discovery and spiritual journey I think I will get much more out of the book. I hope to write more about that in the future.
For now, I am off to bed!
Tiny Giraffe Kisses To Everyone!

1 comment:

  1. I hope the med changes work out for you.
    I haven't heard of that book/movie but think I might go and check it out now!
    xx Bec