Friday, August 13, 2010

Still Blog Obsessed

Last night I didn’t sleep much even though I took my meds like I was supposed to. I just couldn’t quit thinking about my blog and trying to get Wordpress going. There is just so much more I want to be able to do with my blog and Blogger isn’t letting me do it. The problem is I don’t think I know enough to do what I want to do. Ugh! Later I am going to run to the bookstore and skim through Wordpress for Dummies. If it looks like I might be able to make sense of it I will go ahead and buy it. That might be a dumb idea but at least it’s the weekend now so if I stay up all night in a manic-obsessive fit it won’t be a big deal. What makes all of this even more stupid is that I will probably only ever reach a total of 10 followers, but I guess our blogs are just as much for us as they are for the rest of the world.

Tiny Giraffe Kisses To Everyone!

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  1. I've always heard wordpress was difficult. Now you've got me curious, lol! I've managed to find a few tutorials on how to edit the html for a few things on blogger, but now I'm wondering how much more I can do. And as lame as they sound, Dummies books are actually really useful. I've learnt a lot from them!!!