Thursday, August 19, 2010

Palin Tweets Her Support for Dr. Laura

Sarah Palin never ceases to disgust me! I seriously would not have expected her to support Dr. Laura in her racist tirade and spewing of the “N” word. Apparently our little Tweetheart decided to shout her support for Dr. Laura from the Tweet-tops by posting these two tweets:

Where to even begin? First of all, no one is saying that Dr. Laura didn’t have the right to say the idiotic things she said. She has every right to be a racist and ignorant bitch. I don’t see her going to jail for saying anything she said, or being sentenced to a beating on the steps of city hall. Constitutional obstructionist? Really? Just as Dr. Laura has the right to say what she wants doesn’t mean we have to like and support it. Sponsors have a right to drop a client if they don’t like what the image the client is projecting. I have the right to not listen to her show if I don’t like what she has to say. Being a celebrity is about getting people to love you (or hate you) so much that they want to listen to you on the radio or watch you on television. Dr. Laura was able to get a fan base (which scares me quite a bit), but as with many celebrities the spotlight fades for some reason. For those like Dr. Laura and Mel Gibson they just happened to pull the plug on their own spotlight. Now Dr. Laura is mad because people and sponsors are dropping her and moving on. She should have thought about that before she opened her mouth! This is not about first amendment rights or the constitution. No one is telling her she legally can’t be on the air, it’s just that what she said was so offensive no one wants her on the air anymore.

What gets to me the most is Palin’s statement about activist trying to silence Dr. Laura and how it isn’t American. WHAT?! Activism is as American as it gets! Having a group of people join forces for a common purpose and speak out about it is a celebration of the First Amendment in the purest of forms. Nothing shows the power of the First Amendment more than that! I think Palin and Dr. Laura are just pissed because this time the activists’ voices are finally louder than theirs.

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