Monday, August 30, 2010

Are You Taking Your Medication?

One of the reasons I don’t tell people about my Bipolar Disorder is because I hate, Hate, HATE it when I am upset and someone blows me off because of the fact that I am Bipolar. It’s as if my feelings don’t matter because of my Bipolar Disorder. Now, sometimes I admit that I may be irrationally upset about something, but that doesn’t mean that it hurts any less simply because the feelings and reaction are irrational. But sometimes I am rightfully upset for a rational reason and still people blow me off because of my disorder. There is nothing more frustrating and hurtful and I have no idea how to handle those situations. It just makes the situation even worse by upsetting me even more than I was in the first place.

The absolute worst is when I get upset and someone asks “have you been taking your medicine?” There are not words for how upsetting it is when people say that, especially when I am specifically upset with that person because of something they did. When people say that it’s like they are saying “I have done nothing wrong so you can’t possibly be upset with me, therefore the reason you are upset is your fault somehow which must mean you are not taking your meds.” I just want to respond with “yes I have been taking my meds which mean you really are an ass who has done something exceedingly rude and insensitive that has truly hurt my feelings.” Ugh! I hate being Bipolar!

(Please note however there is a difference when a close friend or relative comes to me after seeing me deteriorate over a period of time and calmly talking to me about whether I am taking my meds or if I need to have a med adjustment.)

Tiny Giraffe Kisses To Everyone, Even Those Who Have Asked Me If I Am Taking My Medication!

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