Monday, August 30, 2010

Great Mood Tracking/Symptom Tracking Websites

For those of us who are Bipolar, mood tracking can be a very valuable tool. There are many ways to do this on your own but there are some great websites that can help you do it as well. Even better, it's free! The first is MoodTracker it's pretty much just as it sounds. It's pretty simple but not very customizable, what you see is what you get.
The second PatientsLikeMe  has a broader scope that is really about tracking symptoms for everything from mental illnesses to chronic physical illnesses. It is very comprehensive and customizable. You can add your own sypmtoms to the list among other things. Plus, it has a bit of a social networking type feel to it. You can also add cargivers to it so that family members and doctors can keep an eye on your tracking as well. You have to maually add those folks to your site and give them permission to see your info, so you have complete control of the situation.
Both sites also help you monitor your medications and both will give you graphs and printouts of you moods over time and in relation to your medications. PatientsLikeMe has graphs that are more comprehensive becaue you can track an enormous amount of information. You can print these graphs to keep for your records or to take with you to Dr. appointments. Both sites will even allow you to set up notifications so that remiders can be sent to you via email.
Hope someone finds this helpful!
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  1. Fantastic. Thank you. I had been looking for some on the iPhone a few weeks ago but none of them did what I wanted. And then last night I started to feel bad all of a sudden. I found myself thinking, I really must find a mood tracker. And then I log on to the internet and here is a recomendation! Thanks, I'm heading to PatientsLikeMe right now!
    xx B

  2. That's great Bec! I feel useful for the first time in a long time!