Friday, August 27, 2010

Worried About Little Ricky

Little Ricky is still really sore today. He was limping again this morning and I have to be really careful if I pick him up because he still cries out in pain if I’m not. His bruising is the same, no worse, no better. I worry about him. Not sure yet if a trip to the vet is called for, but keeping a close eye on him. I am a worrywart so my thoughts go straight to possible internal injuries and broken bones. Later today I will give my rescue rep a call and see what she thinks. I am guessing that since he isn’t lethargic and still willing to try and play he is going to be fine and there are no “real” injuries. It’s hard to tell with dogs. The reason I am so worried is we had a little girl come through rescue several years ago and she had been attacked by another dog. Half her poor leg had been ripped off! She had been taken to the vet immediately after the attack by the owner was triaged. When rescue got her we took to have the rest of that leg amputated. While she was on the operating table she passed away due to internal injuries. We were all shocked and devastated because she was acting like a normal little doggy right before we took her to the vet. She was very social and ate and seemed fine (other than the leg of course). Plus the vet that triaged her did catch any signs of internal injuries (I don’t know the vet that triaged her so I don’t know if they were incompetent or if the owner didn’t want any real testing done or what). Granted Little Ricky’s case was obviously not as severe as there are no open wounds and he has all of his appendages, but I still worry.

Tiny Giraffe Kisses To Everyone!

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