Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Meet Our Current Fosters!


Sweet Boy Rocco came to us from the North Richland Hills Animal Shelter. When he arrived he has a terrible case of Kennel Cough that was dangerously close to turning into Pneumonia. He went through 3 different rounds of antibiotic to clear it up. Sadly, that was not the end of his troubles. Rocco also tested positive for Heartworms. On July 26, Rocco was treated for his Heartworm infection and continues to recover. Once he has recovered a bit more he will get neutered and have a dental done. Then his next stop will be to his forever home.
Rocco is a laid back boy who fit in almost instantly. He gets along with all of our dogs and does not seem to have any behavioral issues. Rocco is going to make one forever home wonderfully happy!
For information about adopting Rocco contact IGCA Rescue of Texas or email me at skittleiggyluv@yahoo.com

Meet Shandy!

Shandy is a sweet and talented girl who loves her humans! She has Canine Discoid Lupus which can be treated with medication when she has flare ups. It mainly effects her nose which will begin to scab over when her condition begins to worsen. Due to her condition sunblock is a must even for short periods of time in the sun. She also has a condition called facial muscle atrophy. At this time it is not causing her any discomfort, pain or problems.
Shandy is a playful little gal and athletic as well. This girl can clear a babygate with no problem and will do so in a heartbeat to get to her beloved humans. Her other talent is catching Cheerios and other small bits of food in her mouth when tossed to her.
Shandy is friendly to kids, small and large dogs, and cats. She is a social butterfly and often takes center stage when around groups of people.
She loves to burrow like most IGs but blankets are not always enough for this little gal. She likes to burrow under stacks of pillows and even burrow under the pillow top mattress pad on the bed so it is suggested that you always preform an "iggy check" before sitting down or laying down on piles of pillows and blankets or before climbing into bed.
For information about adopting Rocco contact IGCA Rescue of Texas or email me at skittleiggyluv@yahoo.com

Milo is a wire haired Pug-Chihuahua Mix. He is a friendly and sweet boy who is good with small or large dogs as well as cats. His favorite spot is next to me (his foster mom) on the couch and he prefers to sleep in bed with his humans. After living with Italian Greyhounds he has also learned that being under the covers is quite cozy as well. Even though he is a small dog his bark is robust and he is very good at letting his humans know if he hears something outside. This could be problematic if living in an apartment. When Milo came to us he caught on to the whole “potty outside concept” very quickly. He is very good about going to the door and scratching at it or whining when he needs outside to go potty. While he has not spent a lot of time with children he has always done very well with them when he is around them. Milo has always lived with other dogs so it is unknown how he will do as an only dog. I am pretty confident that if he was an only dog in a situation where there were humans home most of the time he would do well. It is not known how he would do as an only dog in a home where the humans were gone for long periods of time on a daily basis.
If you are interested in letting Milo adopt you please contact the Coppell Human Society or 972-462-1121. You can also email me at skittleiggyluv@yahoo.com.

Tiny Giraffe Kisses To Everyone!


  1. Hi!

    What a terrific bunch of doggies all living together! It must be pawesome to have so many furiends around all the time. I just have my runty little brother to play with so I'm furry jelly of you all.


  2. Thanks Bijou! It is quite wonderful having so may fur friends to hang out with. I just LOVE my babies so much and they make me very happy.