Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm 31 and I'm Scared of the Dark

So I am blogging and Facebooking away and suddenly the electricity goes out. It's 2:00 AM so it is DARK and SCARY! I actually started shaking. LOL! Part of it has to do with the fact that the hubby is at work so it's just me and the doggies, but still, I'm a grown woman. Thankfully the outage was short lived. Now I'm off to find a flash light, just in case.

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  1. Until I got married, I'd never spent a night alone in the house (hubby is away a lot for work). That was how I discovered I had a fear of the dark. It was terrible, I'd have every light in the house on, the TV on loud and I'd never get much sleep. I think if there was ever a blackout I would of had a full-blown panic attack. I eventually found a book (yes a book!!) called Fear Busting by Pete Cohen. I only ever got half-way through it, but I must of learnt something because it seemed to do the trick.