Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Well I am back in another tough spot with my meds. One of the meds I am on is Lithium. Last week while at the doctor I found out that I have another medical condition that requires me to go on medication. The problem is most of the medications that I can take for that condition are not meds that I can take while on Lithium. This is going to require that I see a specialist, and if a medication is found that I can take with the Lithium it will require a great deal of monitoring. Just the thought of all of that monitoring makes my stress level skyrocket. I am seriously thinking about calling my Psychiatrist and having her take me off of Lithium and put me on something else. Anyone who is on meds for mental illness knows that this is not as simple or as safe as I have made it sound. I am truly sick of taking meds! I hate this. Why can’t I be normal? I don’t know what to do. My next appointment with my Psychiatrist isn’t until 9/20. I am thinking about calling and trying to get that appointment moved up. Ugh!!!!!!!!

Tiny Giraffe Kisses To Everyone!


  1. What a horrible situation to be in. It's so hard when meds start to rule our lives :(
    I think that the specialist and your psychiatrist should talk together about the best options for you, that would be much easier. Maybe it would help to try and get an earlier appointment with your psychiatrist, you could explain what's going on to the receptionist and they might be able to get you in sooner.
    I hope something works out for you, and soon
    xx Bec

  2. I took your advice and got an appointment with my Psy. today! I was suprised she had an opening so quickly! Thanks Bec.