Thursday, August 26, 2010

Update on the FWACC Dogs

Here is an update on the Greyhound/Greyhound Mix dogs recently seized in Fort Worth. There was one seizure of 28 dogs in late July and then another seizure of 11 dogs earlier this month.

GALT posted this on their Facebook page earlier today:

From the original FWAC seizure of 28 hounds, GALT's six surviving greyhounds are improving - Max, Ella, Pico, Charlie, Nate and Nicole. They will begin their treatment for Babesia within the next 7 days. Their oral medication has been extended for an additional 2 weeks. Of the 11 greys from the second FWAC seizure, 5 are with GALT, 5 are with Greyhounds Unlimited, and one is with It's A Grey Area. GALT's adults Jitterbug, Red and Sweet Pea are being closely monitored each day for any signs of illness. All suffer from Ehrlichia canis and Babesia canis. Jitterbug is heartworm positive and also has positive titers to Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Medication has been started on all three adults. Two puppies, Bessie and Delilah, are being treated for symptoms of upper respiratory infections, with the hope that it is not distemper. Their conditions are guarded and they are being monitored closely. Please continue to send your positive thoughts for all of these greyhounds to improve and survive the terrible existence they have endured.

The Officers, Directors, and Committee Members of Greyhound Adoption League of Texas, Inc.

Tiny Giraffe Kisses To Everyone!

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