Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dinner and an Urgent Care Clinc Visit...It Was Going to be Dinner and a Movie

I am a bit loopy on pain meds tonight but I hate to go a whole day without posting something. Plus, this evening was a bit crazy.

I went to dinner with my Aunt Lynn but afterward ended up in the urgent care clinic. I hesitate to tell this story because I don’t know that everyone will really understand that what happened was our fault and not the dog’s. Last Sunday my hubby and I had a sweet little Italian Greyhound that we were overnighting. The poor little dog had a broken leg and had been through a whole lot that weekend. He was scared, tired and in pain. Jeff picked him up (while standing) and the little guy got scared and tried to jump from Jeff’s arms. NOT GOOD! He surely would have broken another leg and further damaged his broken one. Both Jeff and I panicked and grabbed for him. In all of the commotion the little guy bit my thumb and bit through the thumb nail. It hasn’t been getting any better and when my Aunt Lynn saw it at dinner she was positive that I should have it looked at. Since it was already 6pm and a Friday we ended up at Care Now. They gave me 2 shots and then gave me a prescription for pain meds, antibiotics and Naproxen. I almost had a heart attack when the Dr. said I would have to fill out some form that would be sent to animal control for follow up. Thankfully my Aunt was thinking quicker than I was and told the Dr. that we don’t even have the dog anymore because it was a rescue situation. Thankfully the Dr. assumed that I no longer knew where the dog was and decided to forgo the paperwork. WHEW!!!!! I swear I was already planning on ways to abscond to Canada with the little guy. Thank you Aunt Lynn!

Well I am off to Vicodin Dreamland.


Tiny Giraffe Kisses To Everyone!

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