Thursday, August 26, 2010

Little Ricky is Back! Had a Greyt Evening with My Aunt!

My Aunt Lynn and I had dinner at Chipotle after I got off work. As always, it was wonderful and we talked and talked! After dinner we went and picked Little Ricky from his current foster home. This is a little guy my hubby and I picked up last month from a kill shelter in Oklahoma. He stayed with us for about a week before moving to another foster home (We were already full and were only supposed to do his transport from Oklahoma but got to keep him a bit longer). Today his foster mommy called me and was very worried because Little Ricky and one of the other bigger Iggies in the home had quite a scuffle. Little Ricky was not picking up the social cues that the other dog was giving and Little Ricky's foster mom was worried that there would be a repeat scuffle. We decided that Little Ricky might do better back at our house so my Aunt went with me to go pick him up. (Again there was lots more talking! Shock!)
Poor Little Ricky got his clock cleaned pretty well. He has a pretty good sized bruise on his ribs and he was limping earlier. He is also pretty sore and I have to be careful how I pick him up or he lets out quite a good yelp or Iggy Scream. None of this gets in the way of his sweetness though. Giving kisses is still his most favorite thing to do. I swear this is the sweetest little guy we have had and that is saying something because we have had some sweet little babies come through here.
After we dropped him off at the house my Aunt and I went to the bookstore and looked at books and talked some more. It was really nice. We are going out to eat and to a movie tomorrow night and my cousin is going to join us. My Aunt and I are so excited.
Here are a few pics of our sweet Little Ricky!

Tiny Giraffe Kisses To Everyone!

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